Around the world in an afternoon

I live 20 minutes from all the Orlando area attractions - Seaworld, Universal Studios and Disney.
My parents got us an annual pass to Disney and it's such a novelty to be able to go when ever we want. Last weekend we went to Epcot and I really wanted to explore the park, rather than just do the rides and wait in line all day. 

There are two parts to Epcot, first half with the rides such as Test track and Soarin'

Then there is the world showcase. A big loop around the lake featuring some of the worlds countries. We had such an amazing time exploring the different countries. There was lots of cool stuff tucked away in the back that we didn't know was there. 

There is a Coca Cola room where you can sample different coke products from around the world.
There were a group of guys doing the "Beverly" challenge. Beverly is the product from Italy and it is very bitter. The challenge is to see how many cups you can drink. Keep in  mind the size of the cups - they are basically the size of a shot glass. The guy who won managed to drink 6. That's how bitter the drink is! My favorite is the Pineapple flavor one from Greece.

So there you have it, around the world in an afternoon.

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  1. We went 2 years ago and I seriously wish I'd known about the Coca Cola thing! My family and I can suck down some serious soda! Can't wait to go back now and try it!