Birthday Party at The Petting Zoo

Even when you live in Orlando, it is easy to become jaded to all the fun things around me.
The weather is wearing me down. 100 % humidity means lots of afternoon (sometimes morning) storms and it's hot hot hot outside. Sometimes it's easier to stay home! I am looking at paddling pools for the back yard, and scouring Craiglist for cheap outdoor toys.

Last Saturday we got to do something I have wanted to do for a while. We went to the petting zoo! One of Alexis friends from daycare was having her birthday party.  I haven't been to any parties with Alexis, only a few that I was working as the photographer. Usually its just parents sitting around playing on their phones and waiting for food, but this party everyone got involved.

I have to say that the birthday girls Mom did an incredible job with the party. If she wasn't so damn nice it would be easy to dislike her!! She gave everyone a little bag with some snacks for the kids and  hand sanitizer that smelled like strawberry yogurt. She made the cupcakes and frosting and even the water bottles had personal labels on. It was a Pinterest party done right!! The petting farm had the red flyer wagons to pull the kids around in, and me and another mom took turns to pull the girls around.

Petting "sweet lips" the prego cow. 
Yeah, I couldn't make that name up ;)

It was so great to go to a toddler friendly place, where touching everything was encouraged!!

We got back home hot and sticky and the hubs helped Alexis cool off....

Ahh, it's the simple things in life :)

That One Time I Forgot My Camera...

This weekend my Mother in Law and Sister in Law came into town. My SIL recently got engaged and she is getting married in Florida in March. I was super excited to be able to take a trip with them to see where the wedding and reception are going to be held. She is getting married in Ponce Inlet, which is just south of Daytona Beach. 

The drive from Orlando to Daytona isn't that bad, maybe 90 minutes if traffic is bad. 
Still kind of far to turn around half way there because you forget your camera.
Epic fail on my part. 

However, my iPhone didn't let me down and all of these pictures are coming straight of my phone, no editing what so ever.

Ponce Inlet has a lot of history, and it was fun to play tourist and take in some of the sights. 


We visited the Ponce Inlet Light House. 

 Alexis climbed all the way to the top, and back down again. 203 steps each way. 
The view from the top was incredible

My SIL is getting married on the beach somewhere in the middle of the photo.

This little stinker convinced her Granny she needed a hat and new sunglasses. 
I got her a t shirt that said she climbed the light house.
I thought I was on my cardio game....that light house proved me wrong!!

It was such a fun day out!

A Disney Day Out

One of the perks of living in Orlando is having lots of fun things to do right on your doorstep. 
We are lucky enough to have annual passes to Disney (thanks, Mom!).
It's always a lot of fun to sneak off to the parks for a couple of hours...
We headed to Magic Kingdom, it's the most "toddler friendly" park. We rode the magic carpets, the Dumbo ride and the Carousel.

The carousel is one of her favorite rides. Picking which horse to ride is one of the best parts!!

There is always so much to see....
(That pony tail....I die!!)

And there's always an opportunity to strike a pose....

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Treasure Island Beach Trip

Here are a few of my favourite snaps from our mini vacation.
Treasure Island is only about 90 mins from where we live in Orlando
We had a great time, Alexis fully embraced the beach bum lifestyle

I love the beach, it soothes my soul. 
I crave the salty air and sand between my toes.
The way the crashing waves can drown out all the white noise in my head.
Even if its just for an hour. 

Just one more reason I love living in Florida!!