Birthday Party at The Petting Zoo

Even when you live in Orlando, it is easy to become jaded to all the fun things around me.
The weather is wearing me down. 100 % humidity means lots of afternoon (sometimes morning) storms and it's hot hot hot outside. Sometimes it's easier to stay home! I am looking at paddling pools for the back yard, and scouring Craiglist for cheap outdoor toys.

Last Saturday we got to do something I have wanted to do for a while. We went to the petting zoo! One of Alexis friends from daycare was having her birthday party.  I haven't been to any parties with Alexis, only a few that I was working as the photographer. Usually its just parents sitting around playing on their phones and waiting for food, but this party everyone got involved.

I have to say that the birthday girls Mom did an incredible job with the party. If she wasn't so damn nice it would be easy to dislike her!! She gave everyone a little bag with some snacks for the kids and  hand sanitizer that smelled like strawberry yogurt. She made the cupcakes and frosting and even the water bottles had personal labels on. It was a Pinterest party done right!! The petting farm had the red flyer wagons to pull the kids around in, and me and another mom took turns to pull the girls around.

Petting "sweet lips" the prego cow. 
Yeah, I couldn't make that name up ;)

It was so great to go to a toddler friendly place, where touching everything was encouraged!!

We got back home hot and sticky and the hubs helped Alexis cool off....

Ahh, it's the simple things in life :)

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